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Sherlock Holmes: Complete Illustrated Novels



Číslo produktu: 01548
Vydavateľ: Chancellor Press
Rok vydania: 1992
15,00 €

Match wits with the razor-sharp mind and keenly honed instincts of literature's most famous detective. Every one of the immortal Sherlock Holmes novels appears in this single volume, unabridged, embellished with the beautiful original illustrations, and reasonably priced. The classic works include:

A Study in Scarlet: the very first Holmes adventure--and the start of a beautiful friendship between the detective and Dr. Watson.
The Sign of Four: Holmes is called upon to solve the case of a missing treasure in India.
The Hound of the Baskervilles: Holmes and Watson find themselves involved in an age-old curse.
The Valley of Fear: A cipher message. A grisly murder. A dark and powerful tale.with a battle between Holmes and his infamous nemesis, Professor Moriarty.


Počet strán: 176
Jazyk: anglický 
Väzba: pevná 
Stav dosiek: 5/5
Stav knižného bloku: 5/5