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To All The Boys I've Loved Before (Jenny Han)




Transparentná história cien
Číslo produktu: 05261
Vydavateľ: Scholastic
Rok vydania: 2018
4,50 €

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Viac o knihe

One for all you true romantics who know that love letters will always beat flirty texts. (Except that when they’re sent, you can’t just press delete.) Lara Jean has a dreamy secret habit. She writes unsent letters to all the boys she’s ever liked. It’s a chance to pour her heart out. But now Lara Jean’s life belongs in a in a ‘most embarrassing moment’ column. Because someone has just POSTED THEM ALL. Who has done this – and why? Now her love life is shooting out of control! The sweet heroine. The cute boys. The idea that every cloud has a sparkly silver lining. Just a few of the things we love about Jenny Han’s delicious novel. What will you like best?

Počet strán: 368
Jazyk: anglický 
Väzba: brožovaná
Stav obálky: 5/5
Stav knižného bloku: 5/5